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I nipped out to the shop earlier taking just my keys and purse, and suddenly had this blinding premonition of myself being knocked down and killed while carrying no identification. What would happen? How would they know who to contact? How long would it take for my friends and family to find out? The guys in the shop would be aware I live opposite, but that's about 40 flats, would the police try my keys in all of them? Anyway, I've just realised my donor card is in my purse, so at least I wouldn't go to waste.
Morbid stuff huh? And possibly not the best thing to discuss with my other half as he's been at the funeral of a good friend (I am told Goldie Lookin' Chain turned up in suits) so maybe I'll keep the conversation away from WHAT IF I DIED? tonight.
Funny though, now I can't get my mind off WHAT IF I DIED? at all, like the worst earworm ever. I presume everyone else gets odd flashes of a possible future like that though. Not really premonitions, just times where your brain rushes through possible scenarios at top speed. When I was younger I used to think it was only me that was afflicted with it, and then we found a football in the street and my friend Paula said 'I just had this image of myself kicking it and falling on my arse...' so I realised I wasn't special at all.

Other than my friend from school Elaine (who is about to become a granny) I don't have any experience with sleep talkers (when I was staying over at Elaine's when we were about 14 she once sat bolt upright in bed and said 'WHAT? I NEVER said THAT!' and went straight back to sleep.) What are you supposed to do with sleep talkers, can you keep them going for hours? I woke up Andy the other day and he said 'I spent a shilling on those two photos!' Oh really, I said. 'Yeah, but everyone danced so it's ok!' Right. The laughing in his sleep was just bloody weird though, especially when he then woke up and asked me why I was staring at him. 'Er well, you've been laughing out loud for a good five minutes.'
I suppose nothing beats Carl, who once was clearly dreaming about being Batman or something, and reached over with his fist, hit me square in the mouth, and said 'THWACK!' out loud.
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