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Part XVII in a series on the theme Why I Don't Really Post To Livejournal Anymore is it then? Which is a shame because I think I need to use it more. I've recently noticed a tendency in myself to 'spill', that is, to be unable to keep things to myself and instantly blab about my personal feelings and emotions whether its appropriate or not. To have to talk about things in a new-age Californian style. I wasn't sure where this had come from, but I have now traced it back.
In 2000 I had a pretty weird time of it - I would have scored about 800 on this for a start - and took to keeping a handwritten spillage diary. Which was great. Then in September 2001 I took up Livejournal, which was greater! Not least because I can type a hell of a lot faster than I can write by hand. It was a massive gang of friends talking about whatever the hell we liked (remember when people used to grumble about Livejournal killing messageboards the way we now talk about Facebook killing LJ?) but had the added advantage that you could lock the entries so only a few friends could read it, or just yourself. I rarely subscribed to the locked entries thing, and I've always been proud of that. 95% of what's gone on here has been for general public consumption, there for anyone to read, as was proved when a complete stranger emailed me after Googling his own name and finding me taking the piss out of it. (Hi Avian! Oh, he's on Facebook now, should I add him?)
But I've recently been mildly irritated by someone saying things to Andy in Gmail Chat that I said about him here six months ago. Of course he's free to read it himself, but the fact that someone I've never met can instantly track down and quote something I said in March smacks of stalker, doesn't it? I'd completely forgotten about it myself, for a start. Creepy. And sad. I've also taken pride in my ability never to publicly insult anyone on Livejournal (except Avian, bless him. But he got the joke and took it all in good humour.) However, considering this person has no 'right' to be following my movements, let's speak directly to them.
He's just humouring you with your tacky photos and your conversations, and I do know the whole story. Leave it eh? Message ends.
Good grief it's 5.15. No respectable Livejournaller would have posted at 5.15 back in the day. They hadn't invented mobile internet then, and this is peak travelling home from work time.
This is a bit serious for me. Perhaps you can have a fun game of guessing which things on the stress test I was going through. And perhaps I'll come back tomorrow and write about why I find religion TERRIFYING.
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