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Death, though going on world-wide still takes us by surprise*

The suicide of Jacintha Saldanha has shaken many people. The DJs who made the call will feel responsible, and guilty, for the rest of their lives. The BBC, and any other stations who chose to broadcast the 'prank' should be aware of how they helped to turn one woman's silly mistake at work into a global mockery, that led to a death. But how did this become an international story? It shouldn't have done. 2Day FM are a Sydney station, and by all accounts a little hoax like that should have stayed local. Jeez mates, we phoned yer bladdy Brit Queen and she fell for it (sorry for my accent there tabouli.) How did this story go global? There is a lot of blame flying around in this story - should Scotland Yard have had a better procedure in place? Should King Edward VII Hospital? Should 2Day FM? Should Jacintha Saldanha be able to get a joke? But the one, silent, destined to be unheard forever person to blame is the 2Day FM listener in Sydney who decided he should spread the word. It should have, and would have, been okay as a local DJ prank, where by 'local' I mean Sydney is miles away from London. Broadcast in and of itself, it's funny - the most terrible impersonations of Her Majesty The Queen, and His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, being put straight through to the poorly Duchess of Cambridge. As prank calls go, it was successful, but who wouldn't fall for it? Jacintha Saldanha wasn't a natural English speaker so there may (or of course, may not) have been nuances that would tip you off to the fact you were speaking, or were not speaking, to The Queen, but she was looking after the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William had been a-visiting. It wasn't that far-fetched that William's nan might phone up.
This whole thing did set me thinking about suicides though. I doubt there are statistics, or if it's even possible to compile them, for suicides who have no history of depression or suicidal tendencies but just go home one day and suddenly decide that's what they'll do, but there must be so many. Those who just instantly decide that to kill themselves is the quickest solution to a current problem, and do it. I think this is what Jacintha has done - an instant solution, that there were other solutions to.
Like all the bloody suicides I have known.
The Duchess of Cambridge is going to be shaken by this for all of her life. Those of you who really hate the Royal Family must feel so pleased.
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